Job Roles this Apprenticeship is suitable for:

  • Business Analyst
  • Computer games designer
  • Computer games technical support person
  • Computer hardware engineer
  • Computer service technicians 
  • Telecommunications technician
  • IT technical sales specialist 
  • IT trainer
  • IT product designer
  • Internet/web professional 

Mandatory Units: These are to be completed by all candidates 

  • Develop own effectiveness and professionalism 
  • Health and safety in ICT 

Optional Units: Choose relevant units to job role and credit requirements 

Customer care in ICT / Interpersonal and written communication / Computer games development / Creating an event driven computer program / Software installation and upgrade / Technical advice and guidance / Database software / Presentation software / Word processing software / Data modelling / Technical fault diagnosis / Creating a procedural computer program / Project management software / System management / Testing ICT systems / Using email / Spreadsheet software / Imaging software / Working with ICT software and equipment / Introduction to IT systems development / Creating an object-oriented computer program / Remote support for products or services / ICT systems operation / User profile administration / Using the internet / Website software